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31 December . 2018

Faces of Rancho Sienna: Meet the Pevehouse Family

Meet the Pevehouse family, who moved to Rancho Sienna from Southern California. Their name is pronounced “pee-vee-house,” and they like to go by their own nickname, PV3. That includes dad Jon, mom Kimber, and 11-year-old son Parker.

Q.  Where are you from originally?

 A. We are from Southern California, and Parker was born when we were living in Phoenix. Both sets of our parents are from the Midwest. 


Q.  How did you come to live at Rancho Sienna?

A.  Jon had been travelling to Texas for a few years for his job, and always enjoyed his visits. With his company's expansion, he was able to move us here as a more centralized work location.

Q.   What are your favorite things about Rancho Sienna?

A. First and foremost, our favorite thing is all of the great families and friends we have met. We also love that they kept the old trees in the community and worked around them. We enjoy using all the walking trails, the dog park, Sienna House, and all of the other amenities. Our homebuilder did a great job and we love our home!


Q.  Tell us about your family.

A.   PV3 is our collective nickname for ourselves. Jon is a vice president for a beverage company, Kimber is a stay-at-home mom, and Parker is in the fifth grade. Our family also includes Mollie, a Chocolate Lab.


Q.   What would you tell someone considering a move to Rancho Sienna?

A.   Prepare to make lots of friends, and to be social! We visited 16 communities in the area when we were first looking, and we settled on Rancho Sienna after weighing all the options. We are glad we did!


Q.    What’s your favorite local place to go out on a date?

A.    Mostly, our own backyard, with a bottle of wine, music, good food, our firepit, ambient lighting, and having friends watch Parker. When the three of us go out, we love getting good Mexican food, and going to sporting events and concerts.


Q.   What has surprised you most about living here?

A.  The bipolar weather changes of Texas, deer walking through the community, and how we never get tired of seeing the greenery and nature.


Q.   Can you share something very few people know about you?

A.   Kimber has a 4.0 GPA since she started classes at SNHU a few years ago. She is a registered dental assistant and has real estate licenses in Arizona and California. Jon completed writing a 450-page novel, and also produces electronica music for fun. Every 18 months or so, he produces 20-minute videos with all our family pictures. Parker is a purple belt in Shorin-Ryu Karate. He is also musically inclined and loves animals.


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