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16 February . 2018

Feeling at capacity? Unplug and reap these health benefits

Better sleep. Enhanced memory. More focus. The benefits of temporarily unplugging from technology are plentiful. But the key is that just unplugging by itself won’t do much to improve your life. The real magic happens when you reinvest your unplugged time into focusing on your relationships and the activities that you enjoy.

For those fortunate to live in a nature-connected community like Rancho Sienna, unplugging from technology and replugging into life, family and friends is only a few minutes away from your front door.

Here are the top 7 ways for Rancho Sienna residents to unplug, whether it’s a session of solitude or an outing for the entire family. No matter where you live, you can adapt many of these tips for your own neighborhood.

Hit the trails. Hiking has health benefits including a lower risk of heart disease, improved blood pressure and sugar levels, and strengthening your core. Rancho Sienna has nearly six miles of trails that connect in three distinct loops, so residents are never far from unplugging and enjoy the beautiful Hill Country scenery.

Work out. One of the easiest and most reliable stress-busters, working out is proven to boost happiness and energy levels, improve memory and increase self-confidence. The fitness center at Sienna House offers a full-body workout for cardio and strength. And it’s so convenient, there’s no room for excuses.

Gaze at the stars. Stargazing is a great way to teach kids more about math, astronomy and the environment. You can see the beautiful Hill Country sky above Rancho Sienna from anywhere in the community, but for a special outing, visit Overlook Park at night and stargaze from the viewing platform. It’s easy to find – just look for the glow-in-the-dark sidewalk.

Take part in a fun event. Rancho Sienna residents enjoy fun events throughout the year, including the Harvest Festival, the Spring Fling, Chill Out Grill Out and more. Good thing, because social events and activities have benefits that include increased feelings of connectedness, enhanced activity levels, and becoming better informed.

Watch the birds. The bird watching blind in Greenleaf Park is a great place to hide out and watch the many beautiful species of birds that call Rancho Sienna home. This meditative activity reduces stress and boosts mental well-being. Bird watching appeals to the natural curiosity of kids, and it’s a great way to teach them patience.

Eat together – outside. The rewards of eating together as a family are well known. They include helping kids do better in school, providing better nutrition, and nurturing happy and well-adjusted kids, just to name a few. At Rancho Sienna, the Outdoor Dining Room offers a fun twist on eating together as a family. You can make it a picnic or grill right at the park, and the bocce ball court provides some great exercise. Since the park has festive string lighting, you can even eat at night, under the stars.

Have a Hill Country adventure. While there are plenty of ways to unplug without ever leaving Rancho Sienna, there are many more ways in the surrounding Austin area and the Hill Country. Check out our Area Guide for ideas for everything from a swim at Georgetown’s iconic Blue Hole, to a baseball game at Dell Diamond. These ideas are especially useful while the kids are taking a break from our highly regarded Liberty Hill ISD schools.

To join the unplugged fun at Rancho Sienna, check out our Homefinder to explore new homes priced from the mid $200,000s to the $700,000s and up.