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Living Green at Rancho Sienna.png

28 February . 2018

Living green is a way of life at Rancho Sienna

Driving through Rancho Sienna, it’s easy to appreciate the community’s Hill Country beauty and native landscaping along the roadways, especially when you’re driving past the many parks and green spaces.

A master plan that devotes more than 100 acres of park, trails and natural open spaces is the most visible part of Rancho Sienna’s commitment to sustainable development. But Rancho Sienna’s efforts to be a green community go much deeper, in many ways that might not be immediately evident to visitors. Here are 10 ways in which Rancho Sienna is striving to have a lighter footprint on this beautiful land.

Saving water. The 10 gallon hat is a Texas icon. At Rancho Sienna, our 10,000-gallon cistern at Sienna House is just as iconic. Able to save 80% of the rainwater that falls on the Sienna House roof, the cistern holds enough water to irrigate the native landscaping around this popular community center for up to seven cycles.

Shady porches. The spacious front porches on new homes in Rancho Sienna are a great fit for the community’s Hill Country feel, and residents love them. There’s also a green reason why Rancho Sienna works with its builders to provide traditional front porches: the deep overhangs shade the front windows and interiors, helping reduce the amount of energy needed to cool homes in warm summer months.

Growing green. Rancho Sienna has a new community garden where residents can reserve raised beds to grow their own vegetables. The garden site includes a compost bin to turn waste into plant-growing gold. Community gardening a great way to eat healthier, get more exercise and make new friends.

We love trees. Rancho Sienna has one of the most robust tree preservation programs among communities in the Austin area. The developer works closely with homebuilders to save as many trees as possible when building on homesites.

Going native. The native trees, plants and grasses at Rancho Sienna are as tough as they are beautiful. Adapted to this environment, they require little additional watering once established. Rancho Sienna uses native landscaping in parks and common areas, and works closely with residents and builders to promote native landscaping in private yards.

Charge it. A couple of small but thoughtful green details might go unnoticed at Sienna House, but they’re very convenient when you need them. Residents can charge their phones and other devices on a solar bench alongside the basketball court. An electric car charging station is located in front of Sienna House.

Be a drip. Rancho Sienna uses drip irrigation for all common areas, and works with builders to promote drip irrigation for homes. By delivering water directly to plants’ roots, drip irrigation is up to 50% more efficient than sprinklers, which lose much water to evaporation and wind.

Pumping savings. The fun swimming complex at Sienna House is serious about saving energy. The pool, splash pad and water amusement features have an ultra-efficient pump system that uses about 75% less energy than typical pumps.

Fostering appreciation. Experiencing the beauty and diversity of nature is one of the best ways to inspire young generations to want to protect the environment. From the bird-watching blind at Greenleaf Park, to the solar system model at Overlook Park, many of Rancho Sienna’s amenities are designed to help residents of all ages feel connected to nature.

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