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14 November . 2018

Many residents move to Rancho Sienna to be closer to family

A growing number of Rancho Sienna residents moved here to be closer to family members living in the greater Austin area.

Take Lauren and George Devore, who moved to Rancho Sienna from Houston to be closer to family members living near Inks Lake in the Hill Country.

The Traina family moved to Rancho Sienna from California to be closer to their in-laws, who had moved to Rancho Sienna earlier. Now, their two kids love living just a few blocks from their grandparents.

John and Cheryl Kelsey moved here from North Texas to be closer to their four grandchildren living in Austin and Waco.

While all of these residents have greatly enjoyed being closer to family members, they’ve also gotten a lot of satisfaction out of making new friends and enjoying Rancho Sienna’s amenities.

“Along with being so much closer to our grandchildren, we are surprised by how much fun we are having getting to know our neighbors,” said Cheryl Kelsey. “The scenery and landscaping at Rancho Sienna are beautiful. When we drive into the community, we feel a sense of peace and relaxation, knowing this is our forever home.”

Likewise, the Traina family has found many new friends at Rancho Sienna.

“People are what make this community great,” said Phil Traina. “Getting to know the neighbors at the community events and socials has been perfect for our family. We have built some really strong friendships pretty quickly.”

The Devores also found a warm welcome at Rancho Sienna.

“Everyone we’ve met so far has been very welcoming and gracious,” said Lauren Devore. “We love the rolling hills and nature trails, and we’ve enjoyed the pool and fitness center at Sienna House as well.

With more than 100 acres of parks, trails and natural open spaces, Rancho Sienna is a community that embraces residents of all generations. The kids enjoy swimming, basketball, volleyball and other activities at Sienna House and Greenleaf Park. Busy parents can work out at Sienna House and jog along approximately five miles of trails. Grandparents can enjoy activities like bird watching at Greenleaf Park and growing friendships in the community garden.

For the youngest members of the family, the highly regarded Liberty Hill ISD schools serving Rancho Sienna offer a great education, and Rancho Sienna Elementary School is located right in the community.

With a wide and growing variety of new homes in many styles and price ranges, Rancho Sienna offers something for everyone, including first-time homeowners, growing families who need more space, empty-nesters wanting to scale down, and even extended families who’d love to live together in a multigenerational home. Explore new homes in Rancho Sienna with our Homefinder.