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09 April . 2019

5 great spots to enjoy a picnic in Rancho Sienna

Who doesn’t love a picnic? In addition to being just pure fun, picnics offer a smorgasbord of health benefits, such as boosting mood, relieving stress and breathing fresh air.

Picnics can also help build stronger bones, thanks to the Vitamin D you’ll get from the sunshine, and the physical activity that’s likely to come from a game of volleyball or bocce ball. Picnics can inspire you to eat healthier, as those baskets are more likely to be filled with fruits, veggies and grains, instead of fried, cheesy foods.

Picnics are a great way to spend quality time with family and friends, and build stronger relationships. They can even save you a lot of money, compared to eating out in a restaurant.

By now, you’re probably ready to enjoy that picnic ASAP, so here are our top five favorite picnic spots at Rancho Sienna:

  • Outdoor Dining Room. This is the most sophisticated place to have a picnic in Rancho Sienna or anywhere. No blanket is needed here, thanks to a large concrete table and swinging benches that can easily seat about 20 people. The bocce ball court is ideal for working up an appetite, and the BBQ grill makes it easy to serve a more elaborate meal. With its canopy and lighting, the Outdoor Dining Room can also host evening meals under the stars.

  • Greenleaf Park. Enjoy a classic picnic under the trees in Greenleaf Park. Like all of Rancho Sienna’s parks, it’s connected to the community-wide trail system, so residents can walk over to enjoy a fresh-air meal. Activities include volleyball on a sand court, horseshoes, and a bird blind for watching feathered friends.

  • Community Garden. You can grow your own veggies and also eat them at the Community Garden, which has a shady picnic area for socializing amid the tomatoes and peppers.

  • Vineyard Park. With its olive trees, grape arbors and wine barrel sculpture, Vineyard Park can inspire a gourmet picnic menu. Wines and cheeses, perhaps? Picnickers will enjoy the shade pavilion, tables and gliding benches. You can garnish the potato salad with some fresh sprigs from the herb garden.

  • Opening in 2019, Rancho Sienna’s newest park will include an outdoor dining area inspired by the larger Outdoor Dining Room, amid fantastic Hill Country views served up by one of the highest elevations in Rancho Sienna.

While these are our top five places to enjoy a picnic in Rancho Sienna, there are many more spots to enjoy an al fresco meal amid our 100+ acres of parks, trails and natural open spaces. For nearby adventures, check out these Hill Country places where you can enjoy a picnic.