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22 January . 2020

Moving for the grandkids, Dee Scheppler finds a new life – and career – at Rancho Sienna

Like many of their neighbors in Rancho Sienna, Dee and Richard Scheppler moved to Texas to be closer to their grandchildren, becoming part of a growing trend that has made Austin the nation’s number two destination for "Baby Chasers."

One thing that makes Dee a little bit different from her neighbors is that she not only lives in Rancho Sienna; she also works here, as a sales professional for Perry Homes.

Ranked third for 2019 sales among all Perry sales professionals in Austin, Dee loves both living and selling new homes in Rancho Sienna.

“Rancho Sienna is a very friendly community, with residents from all walks of life and all age groups,” Dee says. “That was a big part of our decision to move here, along with the design of the community, the amenities, and the beautiful topography of the land.”

Dee and Richard are relatively new residents of Rancho Sienna, moving into their new Perry home in late 2019. But Dee has sold Perry homes in the community for three years, since relocating to Austin from Denver to be closer to their two grandchildren.

“Our first Austin home was near Lake Travis, but had we known more about the local area, we would have chosen the Georgetown area from the beginning,” she said. “Since I began working at Rancho Sienna, I’ve realized how convenient this area is, just about 15 minutes from anything we would want, from shopping to entertainment.”

Rancho Sienna is also much closer to the main reason Dee and Richard moved to Austin, their grandchildren. Their son, Chris, and daughter-in-law Kristen live in nearby Cedar Park with their two children: Corey, 6, and Caden, 2.

Dee and Richard now see their grandchildren “as often as we can” – typically several times a week.

In moving to Austin, Dee and Richard followed in the footsteps of Chris, who moved here about 12 years ago.

After growing up in Southern California, Chris first came to Austin to visit a college friend. He immediately fell in love with the area and decided to move here. He soon did and founded a Austin-based technology company, Cloud Nerd, which he continues to own.

Dee and Richard both led successful careers in corporate real estate in Denver, where they lived for six years prior to moving to Austin.

Richard decided to retire once they got to Texas, but Dee decided to keep working, looking for the second act of a corporate real estate career that spanned 28 years. She had worked in Southern California for most of that time, and spent the last six years spent working for Starbucks in Denver, where she led the company’s real estate operations in six Western states.

Deciding to put her vast real estate experience to work in the homebuilding industry, Dee interviewed with several builders, and chose Perry Homes because she admired the way the company treats its employees, along with its reputation for customer service and design.

Dee has thrived with Perry in Rancho Sienna, selling new homes in two price ranges – from the low $300,000s on 50-foot homesites, and from the high $400,000s on 70-foot homesites.

She says that Perry’s homebuyers in Rancho Sienna represent all age groups, she sees an increasing number of homebuyers who are just like her and Richard. In other words, they are looking to move to a new community or city to be closer to their grandchildren.

“These buyers overwhelmingly prefer one-story floor plans, and a growing number families are interested in multigenerational living,” Dee says.

For these buyers, Perry can personalize some of its floor plans to include a separate living suite with a living area, bedroom and private bathroom, she says.

To meet Dee, visit her in Perry’s Design 3435S model home, located at 301 Rancho Sienna Loop.