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15 July . 2021

Skies and landscapes inspire Eli Cohen at his family’s new home in Rancho Sienna

One of Rancho Sienna’s newest residents, Eli Cohen has the perfect job for someone who loves the outdoors – he’s a content designer for REI, the outdoor co-op.

When Eli and his fiancée, Sharon, started looking for a new home, excellent public schools for their seven-year-old daughter, Autumn, was their number one priority. Living near an open green space would be nice to have, too, and being close to a body of water would be an extra bonus.

Both native Austinites, Eli and Sharon had been renting in a nearby community and decided to buy once their lease ended.

When their real estate agent, Kate Hamlin of Realty Austin, recommended Rancho Sienna, they decided that the highly regarded Liberty Hill ISD schools serving the community would be ideal for Autumn. And with more than 100 acres of parks, trails and natural open space, Rancho Sienna also had the natural appeal they were looking for. 

Everything fell into place when Kate showed them a Chesmar home in their price range available in Rancho Sienna.

“The view immediately sold us,” Eli says of the family’s new home, which has backyard views of the large fishing pond near the Bark’N Park dog park.

“We’re definitely nature enthusiasts, and what really stands out for us about Rancho Sienna are all the recreational opportunities – the parks, trails and ponds,” says Eli. “There’s so much to do here oudoors.”

Rancho Sienna also has two things that benefit Eli’s hobby as a self-described “semi-professional” photographer.

First, there are the night skies.

“Astrophotography is one of my passions, and the night sky here is very good for that. There’s not a lot of light pollution, so it gets pretty dark at night,” says Eli, who recently took a time-lapse photo of star trails above Rancho Sienna.

Second, the family’s patio provides a great vantage point for capturing both morning and evening shots.

“The views from the patio were a wonderful surprise for us,” Eli says. “It faces due north, so we can walk out our back door and turn right to see some beautiful sunrises. In the evening, we just have to pivot left to take in the sunsets.”

The interior of their new home is also perfect for the Cohen family. They love the vaulted ceilings and open floor plan, which offers views of the backyard and pond from the family room and kitchen. The study is ideal for Eli, who has been working remotely since early 2020 with his REI team.

As the Cohens settle in, Eli and Sharon, a nurse practitioner, are looking ahead to several things. Their wedding is coming up in early 2022, and Autumn will start attending Rancho Sienna Elementary as a second-grader this fall.  

Eli also looks forward to taking all kinds of photos at Rancho Sienna. “We have some very interesting weather patterns in this area. I can’t wait to get some lightning shots,” he says.

To see more of Eli’s photos, follow him on Instagram at @ae_cohen.

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