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03 March . 2021

7 hidden gems in Rancho Sienna

Rancho Sienna devotes more than 100 acres to parks, trails and natural open spaces, and there are some real hidden gems waiting to be discovered among them. So while we love our biggest amenities, like Sienna House and the Bark’N Park, we’re devoting this blog to Rancho Sienna attractions that are a little bit off the beaten path.

Vineyard Park. It’s no secret that the Texas Hill Country is becoming a major wine region, with more than 50 wineries located around Austin and Central Texas. That was the inspiration for Rancho Sienna’s Vineyard Park, where residents can pick their own grapes in season, along with herbs and olives. A unique stacked barrel sculpture is the focal point of Vineyard Park, which offers picnic tables, gliding benches and a shady pavilion. Solar-powered lights provide romantic ambience at night.

Outdoor Dining Room. This isn’t your average picnic area, but more like one that went to finishing school. Nestled under shady trees, the Outdoor Dining Room has a faux stone dining table with comfortable seating for up to 18 people. This park has a charcoal grill, and a rustic cedar canopy with decorative lights for nighttime dining. There’s also a bocce court to help work up an appetite.

Greenleaf Park. One of Rancho Sienna’s first parks, and also one of its largest, Greenleaf Park isn’t exactly a secret. But it does have one unique feature where you can really hide out – a bird blind where you can get closeup views of some colorful feathered friends. Greenleaf Park also has a sand volleyball court, a horseshoe pit, a picnic area and a fun playground.

Checkmate Park. One of the smaller parks in Rancho Sienna, Checkmate Park delivers big fun, especially if you like chess and checkers. Located near the main entrance along Ronald Reagan Boulevard, Checkmate Park has dining tables that are also inlaid with game boards, along with an outdoor shuffleboard table. With barbecue grills and swinging gliders, this pocket park serves up scenic views from one of Rancho Sienna’s highest elevations.

Overlook Park. Another small hidden gem, Overlook Park is located across from Rancho Sienna’s own Rancho Sienna Elementary School, part of the highly regarded Liberty Hill Independent School District. Designed to serve as an outdoor classroom for the school, Overlook Park also invites residents to learn more about the beautiful Hill Country sky above, with an observation platform and a scale model of the solar system embedded in the sidewalk. The sidewalk glows at night, making it easy to find this “secret” park along Via De Sienna Boulevard by starlight.

Community Garden. Located along Big View Trail, just a stone’s throw from Sienna House, the Community Garden provides a place for neighbors to share their love of growing things. Sometimes, they also share their bounty with fellow residents, such as when Rancho Sienna Gardening Club founding member Steve Davis gave away more than 100 pounds of tomatoes from his 250-pound bumper crop. The garden has nine raised beds, available for reservation through the Rancho Sienna HOA, along with supporting amenities such as a compost bin, tool shed, and a picnic area for enjoying the harvests.

Wilderness Park. Rancho Sienna’s newest park, Wilderness Park, is also one of our largest. This linear park is designed to provide a sense of adventure and discovery for residents of all ages, with three distinct “outdoor rooms” located along a treed trail. The first area features a circular clearing in the woods with a giant tipi structure. With solar-powered lighting, it’s an inviting place to gather for storytelling both day and night. The second area has another bird blind, along with a series of balance beams and a unique “tree ring” sculpture that traces local history from the first settlement in 1860 to the present. The third area offers a treehouse playscape and an outdoor dining deck cantilevered over a hillside.

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